On Saturday, the 24th of November, as part of region 3’s La Familia World Diabetes Day celebration, SCOPH CIMSA UPH paid a visit to SMAN 23 Tangerang. The main objectives of this event was to promote awareness about diabetes to the school children so that they could be agents of anti-diabetes in their families. This event was composed of general lecture on diabetes and followed by a visual booth tours on more specific components of diabetes. Around 100 senior year students (12 grade) participated in this event.

The lecture by dr Immanuella covered basic information such as what exactly is diabetes, how could a person get diabetes to begin with, and how to prevent the disease itself. The lecture was then followed by a questions and answers session where the majority of student asked impressive questions in regards to the technicality and mechanisms of the disease, all the while having fun. Members of the committee also sat down and participated in listening to this very informative lecture.


After the lecture session has ended, the students were divided into several groups and started to roll through all the visual booths the committee has prepared. There are two SCOPH members in each booth which will explain about a specific aspect of diabetes such as types of diabetes, prevention, signs and symptoms, risk factors, and etcetera. One of the booth was for free blood glucose test where everyone had the opportunity to be tested and consulted. The students were hesitant to be actively involved at first but then showed keen participation and were actively asking critical questions.  For most of them, this was their very first blood sugar test. Moreover, we do hope the experience gained here to be beneficial for the students and their families, and also the SCOPHeroes of UPH.


The OC gained much experience throughout organizing this event and the participants showed high enthusiasm, as seen in their active involvement in the sessions. At the end of the project, they agreed that they have gained much knowledge in regards to diabetes which encourages them to share along this knowledge with their family at home. The school and teachers were also happy to host a similar event like this one in the coming future again. All in all, this activity was meant to celebrate the international World Diabetes Day by raising awareness about the illness, as according to the CIMSA Program: Non-communicable Diseases.


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