Hello CIMSA! Every year precisely at December 1st since 1988 commemorated as World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day dedicated for improving awareness people that AIDS are still became main cause of death in the world right now. In our country, Indonesia according to Global Health Observatory data repository WHO 2017, around 630.000 living person with HIV/AIDS. Jember are ranked 2 in West Java Region as the city with most HIV/AIDS there are about 4.018 person living with HIV/AIDS from 2004 until 2018. To celebrate and improving people awareness about HIV/AIDS SCORA CIMSA UNEJ held project called WARRIOR in short of From World AIDS Day to be Saviour. This activities was held for 2 days at Saturday, December 1st 2018 and at Sunday, December 2nd 2018.

Day one, WARRIOR was held at Faculty of Medicine UNEJ filled with many interesting activities like rank 1 games, giving knowledge and information about HIV/AIDS by LORA CIMSA UNEJ, and Small working group for students. For this project SCORA CIMSA UNEJ invited around 20 students from SMAN 2 JEMBER to come at our faculty to share our knowledge about HIV/AIDS. The student looks so interest and they seem enjoyed with rank 1 game and actually there are someone who had same knowledge as college student. After games LORA CIMSA UNEJ giving the students knowledge about HIV/AIDS and the students listen very well. After giving presentation the students are still curious about HIV/AIDS so the giving many good questions and hopefully they understands what we were giving them. Lastly, the students were divided into 6 group consist of the students and one person from CIMSA UNEJ member to lead them, then they do presentation about what they work on. And the last we were giving the students doorprizes and they were so happy about it.


Day two, took place at Jember town square because it is Sunday so there are Car Free Day (CFD). There are many people just walking around and enjoying their Sunday at the town square with many activities like jogging, do gymnastics, other than that there are some people who came to town square just for met his or her friend and relaxing their Sunday morning. At the town square WARRIOR did long march around the town square and they look so interest with us after the long march we did campaign there to the people about HIV/AIDS actually there are many people who don’t aware of the HIV/AIDS so we are giving them knowledge to improving their awareness about it.

After that we held VCT. Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) for HIV/AIDS usually involves two counseling sessions: one prior to taking the test known as "pre-test counseling" and one following the HIV test when the results are given, often referred to as "post-test counseling”. Hopefully with this activities we can improving people awareness about HIV/AIDS in Jember and beneficial to CIMSA UNEJ member.


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