(What Happened to Our Earth)


WAFER (What Happened to Our Earth) is one of the SCORP CIMSA FK Unsyiah activities which aims to increase public knowledge about what happened in our environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, when the PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) system was implemented, and when it entered the new normal period. WAFER is a forum for CIMSA FK UNSYIAH members and the general public to be able to actively learn and find out what things can improve our environment conditions and how we can protect the environment. In addition, it is also a means to increase public concern and awareness of their role in dealing with urgent environmental and climate problems in Indonesia and the world.

WAFER was held on Saturday, August 22, 2020, from 14.00  WIB to 15.45 WIB with a total of 66 participants. This activity is in the form of a webinar which is carried out through the Zoom Meeting platform and is filled by Andi Pananrang as a representative of Saya Pilih Bumi, which is one of the movements that launched by National Geographic Indonesia. This webinar begins with the opening and reading the curriculum vitae of speaker by Rani Salsabila Efendi as the moderator. Then, it was followed by the delivery of material by representatives of Saya Pilih Bumi.

Main event of WAFER given by Mr. Andi Pananrang as a representative of Saya Pilih Bumi

Every student and the general public who have received previous education are required to answer pre-test questions first to find out the level of public knowledge about the state of our earth after and before the pandemic, after being given education, they were asked to fill a post-test consisting of 10 multiple-choice questions. Between the delivery of material and a question-and-answer session, an ice-breaking session was also held which was greeted enthusiastically by the participants. Then, the activity ended with a closing by the moderator and a group photo session.

Giving E-certificate to Mr. Andi Pananrang as the speaker 

By choosing a topic about the environment at this event, it is hoped that it can provide knowledge and information to public about the condition of our earth’s climate, especially in Indonesia, when the PSBB and new normal systems are implemented and can teach the general public to increase their concern for the environment starting from small things, such as choosing to ride a bicycle to keep the air free from pollution. Hopefully, the information that we present can be useful and we don't forget to thank all those who have contributed to this event.


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