(World AIDS Day-Wonderful World of HIV/AIDS and Other STIs)


World AIDS Day is a commemoration that is always held regularly every year on 1 December. World AIDS Day is a momentum for the world community to open their minds about their attention to the issue of HIV and AIDS. Because there are still many negative stigmas developing in the community about HIV and AIDS which are classified as misleading and tend to isolate survivors of HIV and AIDS.

CIMSA FK UNS also commemorates World AIDS Day 2020 with the name WORTH. SCORA CIMSA FK UNS is responsible for commemorating World AIDS Day. Although it was held unlike previous years which were still in a pandemic state of COVID-19, the World AIDS Day at CIMSA FK UNS was well organized.

The first series of events was a talk show with the Rumah Lentera Solo Foundation. Rumah Lentera Foundation itself is a foundation engaged in the field of HIV and AIDS, especially as a shelter for dozens of children who are HIV and AIDS survivors. The talkshow was conducted on Instagram Live hosted by Hanifah from SCORA batch 2018 and the speaker was Pak Puger from the Rumah Lentera Foundation and was open to the public. In this talkshow, various topics were discussed on the issue of HIV and AIDS and especially the situation of children living with HIV and AIDS at the Rumah Lentera Foundation.

The second series of WORTH implementation was training for active members of SCORA CIMSA FK UNS. The implementation was guided by Jeaniver and Aufaa from SCORA batch 2019 and attended by SCORA members for batches 2019 and 2020. This training was filled by PETRA from SCORA batch 2018, namely Karisma Noranisa. PETRA delivers various kinds of material about HIV and AIDS to all active members of SCORA. In its implementation, the training is not only filled with material, but also filled with ice breaking to familiarize the members.

This concluding series from WORTH is an infographic. Infographics are a collection of information disseminated to the public because we discuss the issue of HIV and AIDS, infographics contain false stigmas that develop in society. The infographic is uploaded via the Instagram platform with an account belonging to CIMSA FK UNS, namely, @cimsauns.

Those were the series of World AIDS Day commemoration activities at SCORA CIMSA FK UNS. Hopefully this warning can open our minds wider so as not to isolate HIV and AIDS survivors.


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