(World AIDS Day)


SCORA CIMSA FK Unisba held an activity called Sharing Over The Power (STOP). We held this activity to celebrate World AIDS Day 2019. The purpose of this activity is to support the achievement of 3 Zeroes in 2030, especially for the point of the absence of stigma and discrimination in people with HIV. The 3 Zeroes program is a program that focuses on 3 main points: Zero New HIV Infection, Zero Stigma and Discrimination, and Zero AIDS-Related Death.

This event was held on  29th December 2019 on the 8th floor of the Auditorium Medical Faculty Of Bandung Islamic University. The audience is CIMSA FK Unisba member and also students of the Medical Faculty of Bandung Islamic University from the first-year students to last-year students. The reason we chose this target audience is that there are still many medical students of Bandung Islamic University who still lack knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases, especially HIV/AIDS, and there are still many of them who still discriminate against ODHA.


The event was divided into 3 parts. The first one is a presentation about HIV and Other STDs, the second one is a presentation about Comprehensive Sexual Education. This topic was discussed because there is still a lack of knowledge about HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases and also Comprehensive Sexual Education is related to the topic of our discussion at this event. The last one is a sharing session with People Living With HIV AIDS (PLHAs) or also called Orang Dengan HIV/AIDS (ODHA) which are activists from Komisi Penanggulangan AIDS (KPA) Kota Bandung.

The activity began with training by speaker Arsya Rahmadian Tantra who is a PETRA of batch 2019, with the topic of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and also other STDs (Sexual Transmitted Diseases). Then the material was reviewed by participants to ensure that the material presented was well received by the participants. The activity was continued by the speaker Moch. Halim Nurrachman Wijayasomantri who is also a PETRA batch 2019, with the topic of CSE (Comprehensive Sexual Education). Before the presentation began, the audience was given a pre-test and after the presentation, the audience was given a post-test to see whether the participants have understood the material presented.

The last activity is a sharing session with ODHA. In this part of the activity, ODHA told their story about their experiences and also the impressions of ODHA in public, especially in Bandung. From this sharing session, all the stories and experiences that have been told by ODHA. The most frequent discrimination from the public against ODHA is from health services, especially nurses and the administration of health services. They told us that sometimes discrimination against ODHA came from doctors as well, one example was that one of them had been refused to see a dentist because he was HIV positive.

After an hour of sharing session, we concluded that we, as future doctors in health services, have to understand not just about  "What is HIV?" but also the transmission of HIV and how it is spread. It is necessary so that later, there will be no more discrimination against ODHA, especially in the health service community. ODHA is the same just like us, they are just ordinary people. Also, we as doctors have an obligation to disseminate this knowledge to the public, to help achieve the government's 3 Zeroes Program in 2030.

After the last activity was over, we expressed our appreciation and gratitude by giving CIMSA certificates and gifts for the contribution of ODHA from Komisi Penanggulangan AIDS (KPA) as speakers in this activity. We all hope that with this event in the celebration of World AIDS Day 2019, students not only know about HIV/AIDS but also understand everything about HIV/AIDS and of course, students of the Faculty of Medicine Unisba can eliminate the stigma & STOP discrimination against ODHA and also spread this knowledge in the community as a future doctors.


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