TPS In Action 1

(Tenda Pagi SCOPH In Action 1)


TIA 1 (TPS IN ACTION 1) is one of the activities carried out by SCOPH CIMSA FK UNS which aims to increase public knowledge and awareness regarding COVID-19 pandemic, by educating people about government policies on health protocols during new normal era.

On the 24-28th of August 2020, we’ve done a direct intervention in TPS IN ACTION 1. Members of SCOPH CIMSA FK UNS educated some people around their neighbourhood and also their family, regarding COVID-19 and the health protocols due to The New Normal. Absolutely, we do remember to keep the intervention safe by obeying the health protocols while meeting people, such as using mask and maintaining safe distance between us (the members) and the targets to prevent the spread of the corona virus. The public is very enthusiastic about the topic and the educational poster. At the end, we took a documentation about this intervention to continue the next intervention step.

Member of SCOPH CIMSA FK UNS educate about COVID-19 and the health protocols

The next intervention, we still stick to the same theme and background (health protocols during new normal), we did an air campaign on 28th - 31st of August 2020 using Instagram platform. The documentations of the first intervention (educating people nearby and family about the topic) is the main thing on our air campaign. Each member of SCOPH CIMSA FK UNS uploaded their documentation photo with the twibbon while doing the first intervention on their own Instagram account. We also involved non-member participation by sharing twibbon with persuasion sentence on preventing the outbreak of COVID-19 disease. This second intervention gained a positive response from Instagram netizens due their supportive comment on the post.

At the end of the series of TIA 1 interventions, we held a webinar through a zoom platform themed COVID-19 and COMORBIDITIES on 4 September 2020. In this webinar we invited dr. Antonius Dian Wirawan Sp. PD as speaker and Adjie Prakoso Adianto as moderator. Dr. Antonius Dian Wirawan Sp. PD is one of the CIMSA FK UNS alumni who has experience in handling COVID-19 patients. He delivered material with the title "Correlation Between COVID-19 and Comorbidities In Patients" coupled with a very interesting educational video. The course of the material was also made more interactive by the moderator, Adjie Prakoso Adianto, who is a member of SCOPH who served as LOCAL PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICER on 2017/2018.

One of the topics discussed by dr. Antonius Dian Wirawan Sp.PD is a person who has comorbids will be more susceptible to COVID-19. Because there is a decrease in the quality of the body's immunity to fight the corona virus. The material presentation and question and answer session was divided into 2 sessions. The first session discussed “COVID-19 in general” and the second focused more on its “Comorbidities”. In each question and answer session, the majority of participants were students and the general public. They were very active in asking questions. The questions asked are also very interesting to discuss.

Webinar sessiom with dr. Antonius Dian Wirawan Sp.PD about COVID-19 and Comorbidities

At the end of the event, we appreciated by giving certificates online to our speakers and moderators who have provided insight to us all in the context of "COVID-19 and Comorbidities" followed by a group photo between the members, participants, moderators, and speakers. After all, we hope this project would be impactful for the members to improve their communication skills and also raising their knowledge and awareness about health protocols in society.


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