(Tanggap Lawan Stunting, KEK, dan Anemia)


One of SCORA's scope of work is maternal health, therefore, last year a community development-based activity was created that raised the theme of anemia and Chronic Energy Deficiency in pregnant woman with the name BAKTEREMIA.

Now, BAKTEREMIA has entered its second year and we are committed to add one theme, stunting, this is based on the fact that pregnant women with anemia and Chronic Energy Deficiency have a risk two times higher of giving birth to “low birth weight babies” which later became one of the risk factors of stunting.


Therefore, we changed the name BAKTEREMIA to TALASEMIA, which stands for “Tanggap Lawan Stunting, Kek, and Anemia”. Then, on this first intervention, which was carried out on Saturday, September 7 2019 in the office hall of the village of Jatiroke, we started the activity with an introduction. Here, we explained that we are from CIMSA FK UNPAD where CIMSA is a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental, and independent organization consisting of medical students and focused on improving national health by empowering medical students. After that, we invited the participants to introduce themselves by mentioning their respective names and their “RW”. Then, we also delivered welcoming speech from the committee representatives, LORA and LPO CIMSA FK UNPAD who were basically very grateful for the willingness of the participants to attend our activities.

Besides that, we also conducted a primary assessment by asking participants to work on a questionnaire containing 10 questions about Chronic Energy Deficiency, 10 questions about anemia, and 5 questions about stunting. After filling out the questionnaire, we bonded by playing 2 games. For the first game, we divided the participants and several committees into 4 groups, then each group will play guessing styles with various categories. The group that succeeds in answering the most and the fastest can take part in the second game, which is the seizure of chairs, where the number of seats will be less than one of the number of players. When the song is playing, the players surround the chairs and dance together. When the song is stopped, the player must immediately sit down, leaving 1 person without a seat. The participant that does not get a seat will be eliminated. The first, second, and third winners of the game were given prizes prepared by the committee. After that, we ate rujak together while talking in hopes that we would be more accepted in the target community, decreasing the generation gap and thereby making stronger bonds and cooperation between us and the target community will be a lot easier.


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