Hello CIMSA, on Sunday, December 27, 2020, SCOPH CIMSA UMP held a Diabetes Care Talkshow (TADICA) in commemoration of World Diabetes. The theme we discussed is "Anyone Can Get Diabetes." Based on data from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), Indonesia has a diabetes alert status because it ranks 7th out of 10 countries with the highest number of diabetes patients. The prevalence of diabetic patients in Indonesia reaches 6.2 percent, which means that more than 10.8 million people have diabetes per year. Therefore, SCOPH CIMSA UMP held a talk show related to diabetes. This activity was exciting because we, from SCOPH CIMSA UMP, invited specialist doctors and included them in the Indonesian Diabetes Association.

In this case, we invite Dr.dr. Pugud Samodro, Sp.PD, K-EMD, FINASM, the chairman of PERSADIA Purwokerto, as a resource person in this TADICA event, and guided by the moderator, dr. Nadya Queen Aziza Fuady. With this event, we hope that more and more people will gain knowledge about Diabetes, Myths, and Facts about Diabetes and understand the Risk of Diabetes for Young People.

TADICA has been published via radio, Instagram, and line. This event showed a teaser video from CIMSA ump, which explained a little about diabetes and was followed by the speakers' material. A total of 104 participants attended the TADICA event. We SCOPH UMP are very grateful to the Indonesian Diabetes Association (PERSADIA) Purwokerto and Radio Rakyat Indonesia (RRI) Purwokerto to support this event and thank the participants who have participated in this series of Diabetes Care Talkshows. TADICA was formed in November 2020 in order to provide the best event for various groups of people. It is hoped that this event will add insight to the talk show participants, but we also hope that the participants can share the knowledge they have obtained with others and their closest people so that the knowledge can flow.

This is following the Annual Mission Statement (AMS), which aims to educate the public regarding diabetes online, monitored through local and post tests. We want to thank all those who have helped make our event a success, including the Diabetes Care Talkshow committee.


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