(Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

No woman nor man is immune to breast cancer. It’s one of the greatest number of cases that leads to death due to cancer alone. Nonetheless, there are certain misconceptions mentioning that only women could acquire it, where In reality those of the male gender could also be diagnosed with it too 


One of the basic and simplest way to check for lumps or if someone has the need to admit themselves to hospitals to check whether or not they could be having breast cancer is by a simple movement called SADARI. SADARI itself stands for “Periksa Payudara Sendiri”. How many of us has actually perform the movement or at least try them out? Someone could just have them as an extra information and not really do it. Instead, we need to start putting actions towards their knowledge. Breast cancer is a dangerous illness, but with proper care and prevention, one could actually prevent the progression of breast cancer. 


Thus, on the 16th October 2021, SCORA CIMSA UPH held STARS (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) with purpose of educating people regarding breast cancer; on how someone could acquire this illness. This event composed by 2 session which is with a webinar brought by dr. Stella Marleen, Sp.PA. The second session was a talk show with speakers from Love Pink Indonesia. The participants were being educated about the procedure of detecting breast cancer as early as possible or what we know as SADARI (Periksa Payudara Sendiri) and SADANI (Periksa Payudara Secara Klinis). To wrap up, participants went through post-test and a lucky draw session. 

Furthermore, it is not only about educating the participants, but also the story and value of each of the breast cancer survivors. Everyone has their own story and is fighting their own battles. The journey might not always be smooth and full of ups and downs, however it is not an impossible battle. If you choose to see “impossible” in a way you could win against it, it could turn into “I’m possible”. Support and love by the people around you during battles that might seem tough, helps. 

Make your voice count, be a light out there for those who are fighting the same battles. Everyone’s circumstances during the fight might be different but each of them are unique and worth to be fought for. Raise awareness regarding breast cancer and help others as you should! 


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