(Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day)


Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness Day (SRHAD) was designed to raise awareness regarding sexual and reproductive health, including physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being, set annually on February 11. In this celebration campaign, MSCIA UB participated in increasing the awareness and knowledge of Indonesians, especially youths, regarding puberty to normalize and understand the changes during puberty.

DORA MSCIA invited KOPHA Malang and MSCIA members to contribute along with the infographics and TikTok Video Challenge campaign on Instagram @kophamlg @msciaub with a total prize of IDR 100,000 for two winners. The campaign was held on February 11th-21st, 2021. All members of MSCIA and KOPHA were very enthusiastic about participating in this activity.


Through the SRHAD infographics, we hope that the youths could understand more about the meaning of puberty and when it occurs in women and men. We also hoped that they could find out more about the production of sex hormones before puberty, the gonadotropins, which are the key to the transitions, and the risk factors of puberty.

The infographics also explained the menstrual cycle in women, which consists of:

1. menstrual phase; marked by the shedding of the uterine wall due to the unfertilized egg so that pregnancy does not occur,

2. follicular phase; marked by the release of estrogen, which takes a role in the uterine wall thickening stimulation,

3. ovulation phase; marked by the release of a mature egg from the ovaries into the ovary tract, 

4. and luteal phase; marked by the transformation of the follicle into corpus luteum, which will secrete estrogen and progesterone to keep the uterine or uterine walls thick so that the uterus will be ready to accommodate another fertilized egg.

During puberty, people will experience several changes. The changes felt mainly by teenagers for the first time are physical changes, consisting of primary and secondary changes. For instance, in men, we might encounter a growth of testicles, wet dreams (nocturnal emission), growth of hairs in certain areas, and heavier voice. In contrast, in women, we might encounter menstruation, enlargement of the hips, and hair growth in some regions of the body.

Finally, we hope the society, including youth counselors, are willing to provide adolescents guidance regarding sexual health education.


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