SPRINGs - SCOPH CIMSA Universitas Andalas

SPRINGs - SCOPH CIMSA Universitas Andalas



In the name of social care, SCOPH CIMSA UNAND held SPRINGs, an annual event, that focuses on CIRCUMCISION. What is circumcision? It’s a surgical procedure that removes the foreskin (the loose tissue) covering the glans (rounded tip) of the penis. Some of you might be a little bit confused about why we decided to hold this kind of project. Actually, there were a lot of reasons that made this project eventually popped up in our minds, but we divided it into two, the clinical reasons and the cultural & religious reasons.


From the clinical reasoning, circumcision is a basic competency for doctors in primary health services, that needs earlier training, but is still difficult to learn the skill from formal education in university. And since we’re still pre-clinical students, we have no permission to perform this by ourselves, that’s why we still work under the supervision and guidance of the surgeons.



From the cultural & religious side, the majority of  Indonesians are Muslim and all Muslim males must be circumcised. There’s also proof that circumcision might have various health benefits. This project will also help parents who want to get their sons circumcised but have no money. Why? Because it’s free.



From the background above, we finally found the goals that will be hopefully achieved. Those are improving medical students’ skills and doing social care to fortuneless people. The project itself has been held since a couple of years ago, but the latest one will be held at Sawahlunto, Padang, West Sumatra on December 22nd 2014 for elementary school boys.






The concept of this project is not only performing circumcision, but also performing anamnesis and physical examination to patients, in order to find out the possibility of any congenital diseases. At the end of the project, the number of boys who get circumcised will hopefully be 80. It’s an increase from last year, which succeeded in circumcising around 40-50 boys.



We hope that SPRINGs will be much better than the previous ones, so that the benefits will be clearly felt by both SCOPH CIMSA UNAND and the elementary school boys in Sawahlunto.






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