(School Peer Educator Recruits)


WHO states that adolescents are a vulnerable group facing challenges in the field of sexual and reproductive health. In 2015, Global School Health Survey in Indonesia shows adolescents aged 12-19 have had sexual intercourse for the first time before the age of 14. In addition, in 2018, UNESCO stated that “Young people need good-quality comprehensive sexual education” and published International Technical Guidance on Sexual Education.

Community Development "School Peer Educator Recruits" or SPEARS is carried out in order to succeed UNESCO discourse, support the realm of SCORA "Comprehensive Sexuality Education", and because they see the urgent need for Indonesian youth for little sexual education. In addition, through this program, hopefully that an independent community will be formed from teenagers in high school who are engaged in reproductive and sexual education in order to make the Peer Education Continuum (PEC). SPEARS held 5 interventions, with details every month starting in November.

Every 1st December is celebrated as World AIDS Day, and in the 6th December 2020, we held 2nd intervention of SPEARS. Therefore, to celebrate World AIDS Day, first of all, the community of SPEARS and Newbies SCORA CIMSA UNAIR were given material about "HIV/AIDS, Stigma, Treatment, Care, and Support" by Aulia Anisa, a member of SCORA CIMSA UNAIR. Community were given a pre-test and pos-test to measure their knowledge of the material. After that, we held a talkshow with community of ODHIV (Kak lee from Intimuda and Kak Morie from Yayasan Mahameru), guided by a moderator.

Before that, Peer Educator and Newbies SCORA CIMSA UNAIR were devided into a group to discuss about cases given by the committee about HIV/AIDS and the Stigma. Each group were accompanied by Facilitator to prepare the material to be presented in the last Talkshow session with Kak Lee and Kak Morie.

After that, peer educator candidates were also aksed to posts some take home messages in the form of Myth/Fact in their Instagram Stories. It is hoped that by sharing the Myth/Fact in their Instagram Stories, peer educators candidate can share and educate their friends and public about HIV/AIDS and the Stigma. This take home message runs for 14 days.

The event was closed with a group photo and we will meet again in the next interventions with material that is no less interesting in this intervention! We hope that our activities can open their minds about HIV/AIDS and the stigma.


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