(Share Your Mind and Love Your Life)


As we know, people's awareness of mental health is still lacking in many ways. And in the worst scenario, death is inevitable and the number of suicide will increase. Riskesdas shows that one or two people between one thousand people in Indonesia have mental disorders. Because of that reason, CIMSA Unsoed held an activity on October 20th 2019 named SMILE: Share Your Mind and Love Your Life to celebrate World Mental Health 2019. This activity held in Nata d’Bakso, Purwokerto, collaborated with HIMPSI Purwokerto (Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia) and Yayasan Puntadewa.

SMILE being attended by around sixty participants of various ages and backgrounds, from teenagers to adults. The activity has two main events, there are talk show and free consultation. The speakers for talk show are psychologists from HIMPSI, they are Diyah Woro, S. Psi., M. A. and dr. Hilma Paramita, Sp. KJ, and a mental health activist, Helmi Mohammad Subhan S. T., M. A. The speakers talking about what is mental health and how to be more confident and love yourself. The talk show was being held for two hours and the enthusiasm from participants was favorable. In the Q&A session, they are asking the speakers actively about what they feel or discuss the mental health stigma in society.


Free consultation also being held along with the talk show and divided into three fleets. But, the consultation is limited to twenty people, who have been contacted earlier by us. We choose them from how they feel about themselves and about their problem that they filled in the registration form. The psychologists for a free consultation are from HIMPSI. The participants have 30 minutes to do the consultation.

At the end of the event, we announce the winner of the competition that we held. The competitions are the best photo in our photo booth and the best caption on Instagram using our twibbon. The winner got some interesting prize from HIMPSI and Yayasan Puntadewa.

From SMILE, we hope that people can be more aware of their mental state and can recognize their feeling and the other feeling of depression. We also hope that the stigma came from society, such as only people who have mental disorders should meet the psychologist can be eradicated. Because meetING the professionals to talk about the problem is important to prevent something bigger in the future. We trust that with this activity people can prevent suicide for themselves and the people around them.

And last but not least, let’s smile, and live happily!


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