(SCORP in Action Providing Care for Refugees)


When the country itself is unable to guarantee the safety and comfort of its citizens, becoming a refugee in another, tends to be used as an escape.

Hence, their protection and social benefits are now the responsibility of the international community, including Indonesia.

The unsettling conditions of the current pandemic are being experienced nationwide by everyone in Indonesia, which includes the foreign refugees that are currently residing in Indonesia, moreover, many of these refugees live off by depending on financial support from relatives and friends as well as social organizations.

The halt of the numerous supports that are normally distributed has caused the refugees to rely purely on the benefits given by social organizations, in which are very limited, thus, are unable to cover all the costs for each refugee. 

In addition to that, refugees are unable to provide their basic needs due to their inability to obtain a work permit.

Surprisingly, the lack of care and attention of the Indonesian citizens are not the only problems that has arisen. The Indonesia's National COVID-19 Response System has not specifically mention refugees in their service system guidelines; hence, the refugees are placed in a highly vulnerable position compared to the rest of the local population.

Reflecting on this problem, on the 17th of January 2021, SCORP CIMSA UPH held an event called SINCERE (SCORP in Action Providing Care for Refugees). The event was held in the form of a webinar and aims to educate the public regarding both COVID-19 as well as the conditions and rights of refugees as one of the vulnerable groups to COVID-19 in Indonesia.

SINCERE is not only about educating the public but also about raising people's awareness, as only few are aware that when a refugee chooses to leave their country of origin, they also leave behind their life, home, property, and family.

In this event we encourage the Indonesian people to take their first steps to help the refugees instead of waiting for the government to take a responsive action by providing aids in the form of daily necessities or donations to help support the everyday lives of refugees.

Through SINCERE, we may change the lives of the numerous refugees living in Indonesia, through awareness we may save precious lives. Discrimination in the health sector is never tolerated and will never be. 

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