SGP 2020

(SCORE Goes Public)


'What is research? 'Is research important?' 'If research is important, how can I do it?' these are the questions that are frequently asked when people talk about research. Another statement that is associated with research is 'I want to do research, but I don't know how to get started?' 

In this era, there are numerous people who perform research, especially those who are working as researchers, however, it should be noted that doing research doesn’t have to be done only by people who work as researchers. Research can be done by everyone if they have the desire to do so and know what topic they want to pursue. 

Specifically, in Indonesia, the number of research publications is relatively low. In 2016, at the world level, Indonesia ranked 45th for the number of documents published internationally. 

Therefore, SCORE CIMSA UPH, as a part of CIMSA UPH that is engaged in research, held an event called SCORE Goes Public, which aims to introduce, how to start, as well as perform good and valid medical research, including how to publish it. 

Starting from September 2020, SCORE CIMSA UPH members have prepared the SCORE Goes Public event which will be held on October 10th, 2020. The SGP event was held for 2 hours, starting with an opening by the MC, then the participants filled out a pre-test to measure the participants' knowledge before participating in the event, Afterwards the participants took part in a lecture by a doctor who has often conducted research, and the participants were taught regarding the topic 'medical research'. 

After the lecture, followed by a question and answer session, the games session begun. During this session, the committee has prepared a game that aims to sharpen the participants' thinking process and in addition to that, it is related to medical research. A post-test and evaluation form are then given in order to see the impact of the event towards the participants. 

E-Certificate given to the speaker

This event was curated, so that the participants who took part in this event will obtain a deeper understanding as well as recognize on the importance of performing and how to perform a good, acceptable and valid medical research, in hopes to increase the number of people along with the number of publications of research in Indonesia.


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