(SCORE Goes Public 1 - SPSS and Paper Training Cumulative by SCORE)


SCORE CIMSA FK UNS held level 1 SCORE Goes Public activities with the theme ‘SPSS and Paper Training Cumulative’ by SCORE (SPECTACULARE). This activity lasted for two days. The first day discussed about ‘SPSS training’ by Yusuf Ari Mashuri, dr., M.Sc, which was attended by members of CIMSA FK UNS. The second day discussed about ‘Paper Training and sharing on Indonesian Public Health Issues’ which was attended by the medical and other health students.

'SPSS training' by Yusuf Ari Mashuri, dr., M.Sc

This activity aims to introduce research methods and increase the interest in making scientific papers by students in Indonesia, especially medical students. Several obstacles were found in this activity, but the majority of problems arose internally from the SCORE CIMSA FK UNS, namely the lack of preparation because some members were carrying out activities on other committees so that the focus was divided. When the event took place, there were some people who were not follow the event until the end then the event seemed less rousing.

Webinar session about 'Paper Training'

The solution given is that the committee must be responsive on the D-day, note which SCORE members are participating so that they have more responsibility to attend the event, and if this activity is held again in the following year efforts will be made to find times that are prone to collide with activities from other organizations or committees as well as LORE together with the project officer, we have to follow up other committees in advance so that by the time of the D-day everything is finished and nothing needs to be done suddenly.

Webinar session about 'Indonesian Public Health Issues'

However, the good side of this activity is that the number of participants increased from the previous year, the participants also look enthusiastic as seen from the many who did the pre-test, post-test, evaluation form, and many people participated in the door prize games held by the SCORE committee of CIMSA FK UNS. As LORE CIMSA FK UNS, hopefully this project will be continued and CIMSA FK UNS can provide many benefits for the successor of the Indonesian nation, especially for other medical and health students in the field of research and scientific writing. 


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