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In the era of globalization and MEA, it is now increasingly easier for foreign workers to enter Indonesia to work. Thus, the Indonesian people must develop their soft skills and hard skills in order to be able to compete with foreign workers. CIMSA UNEJ has conducted an initial assessment by interviewing 3 teachers, we found that there were no English language subjects at Karangrejo V Elementary School. With this background SCOPE CIMSA UNEJ held a SCOTENG (SCOPE Teach English) activity which aims to provide basic English lessons to students, increase knowledge and competitiveness of its main students in grades 5 SDN Karangrejo V. SCOPE CIMSA UNEJ Educating media on posters, songs, as well as interactive images and train students to speak English with their friends or teachers. Before conducting lessons for elementary students, they first make modules that contain introductions, part of body, things in my classroom.


SCOTENG was held on March 23, 2019. Beginning with introduction material, in this first material SCOPE members educated 5th grade students on how to introduce themselves using English. Initially there were only 2 children who were able to introduce themselves in the classroom and use English well and fluently, but after being educated other students could also introduce themselves well. After the first material of SCOPE CIMSA UNEJ held games in the form of songs, in this game SCOPE members together with elementary students sang the song "ABC Alphabet Song" and the students sequentially mentioned the alphabet then suddenly the speaker will prescribe the song and the last student mentioned alphabet, going to the front of the class and making self-introductions in English after advancing to the front of our class gives gifts to students as an appreciation of their courage to come to the front of the class and introduce themselves.


The next material is parts of body where in this material SCOPE members will mentioning some parts of the body by touching the body parts mentioned, then we play games "Simon Says" so the speaker will mention the parts that should be touched but from the speaker will touch the other parts of the body then for students not to touch the wrong body parts will come forward class to demonstrate together the parts of body that have been mentioned. The last material is things in my classroom on this material. SCOPE members will teach English vocabulary about items in class such as tables, blackboards, chairs, chalk. SCOTENG continued with activities outside the classroom, namely to look for body parts of nobita that had been spread in front of the class. So the students will be divided into 4 groups, each group must complete the Nobita body along with the names of the body parts that speak English. We hopes that with the holding of this activity 5th grade students of Karangrejo V Elementary School have basic English knowledge and are also able to apply it in their daily lives, thank you CIMSA!


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