In Indonesia, there are millions of young children with dreams and aspirations of what they want to be when they grow up. Being a doctor is commonly agreed to be one of the most attractive professions for both the kids and their parents. However, approaching the end of secondary education, these teenagers are faced with a more serious and realistic situation where they must soon stop and decide which path they are willing to commit to for their higher education in university. According to the Dirjen Dikti Kemendikbud which holds the largest annual selection test for college admission in Indonesia, SNMPTN and SBMPTN, around 87% of university students are not content with their choice of study. This is seen in a large amount of students retaking the test the coming year after they have already gone through education in university for about a year or two. Students which do not retake the exam either go through with the study or choose to drop out at some point in their education. This is a very concerning phenomenon especially for young adults majoring in a demanding major such as medicine, where there is no room for doubt or half-heartedness because it will ultimately come down to a patient’s health.


CIMSA UPH’s Standing Committee on Medical Education and Standing Committee on Public Health collaborated to create “School of Brilliant Young Doctors” or known simply as SCOOBY DOO, a project catered for highschool students to give them a chance to experience a day in the life of a real medical student. The aim of this project is to introduce the daily learning methods and environment of a medical major, in the hopes of helping the future university students in choosing their path for higher education. This event is an annual one, meaning it is held every year by SCOME and SCOPH, this being their 4th consecutive year. Each year the event revolves around a particular illness as a case topic to discuss in PBL classes as well as laboratory visits. This year the topic was about the relevant but not-so-well-known disease, Pneumonia.


The first activity was a an overview lecture given by lung specialist dr Titis, Sp.P on the anatomy and physiology of the lungs in regards to pneumonia. After that the participants were assigned to 12 small groups, each consisting of around 8 to 10 kids, and had pbl classes which were led by the seniors in FK UPH. During the pbl class they were given learning objectives for the next day as how real pbl sessions are conducted. They also had a clinical skill lecture given by cardiologist dr Sunanto, Sp.JP(K) and lab session where they learned about basic life support and how to perform passerby CPR and Heimlich maneuver. Histology and anatomy laboratory session were also given where the participants had a chance to get a first-hand view of the uncovered human body. On the second day, the participants continued their pbl class on pneumonia and then attended the plenary about their case which was given by internist dr Bima, Sp.PD. After lunch, we conducted a hospital visit to Rumah Sakit Umum Siloam Karawaci and then ended the day with games slash campus tour to give the kids a better view on where they would be studying and working at in the future should they choose this path.

The OC gained much experience throughout organizing this event and the participants showed high enthusiasm, as seen in their active involvement in the sessions. At the end of the project, they agreed that they have gained much knowledge in regards to medical school which will help them make their decision for higher education. All in all, this activity was meant to empower future medical students as according to the CIMSA Program: Human Resources for Health, all the while raising awareness about pneumonia, as according to the CIMSA Program: Non-communicable Diseases.


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