(School of Brilliant Young Doctors)


High school graduates frequently ask, “What major should I pursue for university?” and even though they have decided what major should they take, there is at least 1 – 10 people or even more who questioned themselves “Is this the right major for me ?”.

College itself is a higher education, where people choose majors based on the kind of things they love or what they are passionate about. There are a lot of majors to choose from in college, maybe some of them have decided what they wanted to take, but that’s just several of them. Choosing the right major for us is really important for ourselves and our future, furthermore, every major in college has their own journey, especially medicine. The long and hard journey of being a medical student frightens the high school graduatea making them think twice regarding taking medicine as their major, moreover, even some of them who have taken medicine as their major and embarked on their journey, tend to question themselves “Is medicine the right major for me?”

To solve this problem, SCOPH x SCOME CIMSA UPH held an event called SCOOBY-DOO 6.0 (School of Brilliant Young Doctors), which aims to introduce high school graduates to medical school.

Scooby-Doo itself contains sessions such as PBL (Problem Based Learning), CS (Clinical Skill), Plenary, a grand lecture, laboratory sessions (histology and anatomy), and a talk show. PBL and CS are study group sessions where students can discuss a medical case with senior members of CIMSA UPH as their tutors.

For this Scooby-Doo event, the topic being conveyed is “Tuberculosis”. Hence, all the sessions in this activity will discuss about “Tuberculosis”.

Starting in the middle of September 2020, SCOPH and SCOME CIMSA UPH prepared the event, which was held on the 24th - 25th  of October 2020 with a 5-hour duration per day through the Zoom platform.

For the PBL and CS sessions, each group study consists of 1 tutor and 13 - 15 participants and for the talk show itself, an external partner which was MSF (Medecins Sans Frontieres) was invited to discuss medical assistance to people affected by conflict, epidemics, disasters, or exclusion from healthcare.

In short, Scooby-Doo provides high school graduates to have an insight about the daily medical school life, in hopes to help them determine if medicine is the right major for them pursue.


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