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Education is the foundation of human life. Its significance certainly cannot be denied, proven that nowadays everything requires a certain level of education. For example, applying for jobs in this time and age mostly require applicants to have a bachelor’s degree or higher. Correspondingly, the increasing demand for education will always be proportional to time.

According to a survey conducted by Youthmanual, or recently rebranded as Rencanamu, " is an online, data-driven college and career readiness platform to help Indonesian students discover their personality, passion, interest, aptitude, and 21st-century career readiness skills so they can unlock their potential, plan for their future and reach their goals in life."


As stated in their profile, had shown that 92% of high school students or equal are indecisive in deciding their preferred major or even their future career. And amongst all college or university students, 45% of them regretted their decision enrolling in their faculty.

We also conducted a survey, in which the participants are high school students that have registered and attended our event, ScoobyDoo 5.0 or School of Brilliant Young Doctors 5.0. From the survey, we found out that 30 out of 85 (35.29%) high school students are still unsettled in choosing their major. While having a different result compared to the survey conducted by Youthmanual, we believe that 35% is still a fairly immense number. All these survey results demanded us to address the urgency of this problem, in which we decided to initiate an event to act as a platform for high school students where they can learn and familiarize themselves with the system and learning methods in the Faculty of Medicine. We believe by organizing such an event, we can indirectly improve the nation's health by empowering medical students-to-be.

On the 26th and 27th of October 2019, SCOME and SCOPH CIMSA UPH held ScoobyDoo 5.0, an event revolving around High School Students as the participants. In ScoobyDoo, the participants were given the opportunity to replicate the learning method in the Faculty of Medicine through a series of simulations focusing around Myocardial Infarction as a learning theme. We invited a few cardiologists from Siloam Hospital as speakers in the lectures. Our series of events included a lecture given by dr. Sunanto Ng M.Sc Sp.JP, PBL class, Clinical Skills lecture given by dr. Indah Sukmawati Sp.JP, Clinical Skills class, hospital tour, plenary lecture given by dr. Michael Tanaka Sp.JP, and ultimately concluded with a talk show given by a Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) speaker, dr. Lukman Hakim. All these series of events were completed within 2 days in the Faculty of Medicine UPH's building and Siloam Hospital Lippo Village.

The primary objective of this event is to introduce the learning methods in the Faculty of Medicine, specifically the Integrated Curriculum in UPH. We also aimed to raise awareness of Myocardial Infarction through discussions regarding this theme. We hope that after taking part in this event, the participants are given clarity concerning their struggles in choosing the right major.


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