International Women’s Day is celebrated every March 8, and in 2019 CIMSA UNEJ held an activity namely SAVE US! (Sexual Assault View on Unawareness Rights). Based on secondary data, the annual record of violence against women in violence in 2017 was 348,466 cases. This figure is higher when compared to 2016, which was 259,150 cases, and this number might continue to increase. According to data from the 2016 National Women’s Life Survey (SPHPN) that 1 in 3 women had experienced sexual and physical violence.

The problem of the many cases of violence against women is due to cultural factors that marginalize women and the environment that support the marginalization. This culture of marginalization of women places women in a lower position than men, can be seen from decision-making positions that are rarely taken by women. The construction of a social mind like this in a society that still places women under the male strata is at the root of the problem of violence in women. This violence seemed justified by an environment that supported a culture of marginalization of women. These environmental factors that still accept the cultural act of marginalizing women will justify the discriminatory actions accepted by women, the acceptance of this culture of marginalization will indirectly undermine women’s views on the rights they should get. Awareness of the poor culture of marginalization by providing education that women who have been the object of discrimination can have a great effect on the environment, socialization to youth who can later change the environment on the importance of equality of women can create Indonesia without sexual or discriminatory gender violence. From this background, we carry out this activity.

SAVE US! Held on 14,16 and March 17, 2019. This activity began with training with SCORA and SCORP on Thursday, March 14, 2019 in the UNEJ Faculty of Medicine with our presenters, Alif Kufari as PETRA and Alif Taryafi as HRT. The material presented about Sexual Abuse and Women’s Rights. SCORA and SCORP members were very enthusiastic about the material presented by Alif Kufari and Alif Taryafi.

Then the next day, Saturday, March 16, 2019, we held a talk show with Mr. Khamid from the LASKAR NGO and Ms. Yamini from LBH JENTERA. On this Saturday event not only with the CIMSA UNEJ members, we also invited representatives of the BEM UNEJ faculty to come to the talkshow this time and all UNEJ students but with limited space. The material presented on “Sexual Violence on Women” and also “Advocating victims of sexual violence”. In this talkshow, we also screen short films and discuss together. At the end of this event, we and LBH JENTERA worked together to open a consultation corner for talkshow participants who just wanted to talk about sexual violence that participants might have experienced. After holding a talkshow, we also worked with K-RADIO to discuss the topic of Sexual Violence in Women.

On the last day, Sunday, March 17, 2019 we conducted a ground campaign on the Car Free Day Alun-Alun Jember by educating about 50 people in Jember and also social experiments with the theme “Violence in Relationship”. The result of this social experiment is that although many people are indifferent to violence against women, there are still Jember people who care, because in essence, men and women have the same degree. Hopefully the SAVE US will be held! able to increase the knowledge and sensitivity of the Jember community towards the rights that should be obtained by a woman, thank you CIMSA!


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