(Save Our Loved Ones from TB and Tobacco Exposure Kuy!)


World Tuberculosis Day (WTBD) important to commemorate because of the high number of TB in Indonesia. We can eradicate TB if every TB patient is obedient in taking medication. However, many TB sufferers do not take their medication correctly and eventually create resistant TB bacteria, which take a longer time to recover. Other than that, World No Tobacco Day (WNTD) being essential for us to commemorate. We often see people around us that are still smoke cigarettes. Cigarettes contain lots of harmful ingredients for the body. Even now, there have been many modifications of cigarettes, such as e-cigarettes, that most teenagers prefer, even though e-cigarettes contain more harmful substances than usual cigarettes. Cigarettes also worsen tuberculosis. Both of them are equally dangerous to our respiratory organs, the lungs.
SANTUY (Save Our Loved Ones from TB and Tobacco Exposure Kuy!) is an activity held by CIMSA UNEJ and CIMSA UMM. This activity promotes two main topics, which are smoking behavior and tuberculosis. The purpose of having this activity is to educate the public about tuberculosis and raise people's awareness of the danger of smoking behavior.

SANTUY's first intervention was a webinar. SANTUY's webinar discusses two topics, and there is a talk show session at the end of the activity. The topic of the first webinar was "The Effect of Cigarettes on Tuberculosis and COVID-19" by dr. Angga Mardro Raharjo, Sp. P and the second topic was "TB, Cigarettes, and COVID-19 in Indonesia," delivered by dr. Imran Pambudi, MPHM. The talk show was delivered by Mrs Desy Kurniasih from Pejuang Tangguh TB-RO. The webinar went well, and all the participants were actively asking the speakers.

Moreover, there is also a social media campaign which is Instagram live with Dr. dr. Erlina Burhan, M.Sc.Sp.P (K). The Instagram live went smoothly, and the participants were very active in asking questions. Other than Instagram live, there is also an educational twibbon video uploaded by members on Instagram. Finally, a fact or myth quiz poster and a video campaign uploaded as IGTV on both local Instagrams. We hope that we could raise people's awareness of smoking behavior danger and manage Tuberculosis well by doing this activity.


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