(Ready to Speak Out Against Rape Culture)


To commemorate International Women's Day 2021, CIMSA Local UNISSULA held a transco event from SCORP and SCORA, namely "ROARR" or “Ready to Speak Out Against Rape Culture”  in the form of a campaign which took place on March 8,18, and 21, 2021.  This International Women's Day event raised the main theme of Rape Culture due to the increasing number of people who normalizes and underestimates all actions that lead to violence and sexual harassment. Starting from the existence of normalized and disparaging public attitudes can cause the rate of sexual violence to increase. According to Catatan Tahunan (CATAHU) Komnas Perempuan 2020, the incidence of violence against women is increasing every year. In 2019, the most cases occurred in the private realm with sexual violence as much as 25%. Then followed by cases with the public domain recorded a total of 3.602 cases with 58% of them constituted sexual violence. Even though this figure is only one of the reported cases, it shows the increasing number of cases of sexual violence that occur in society. Therefore, this activity aims to provide education to the public and CIMSA local UNISSULA members regarding the definition, form, prevention, and actions necessary against rape culture, so, rape culture can be understood and eliminated together.

There are two event that have been held on March 8, 18, 2021. We conducted a campaign in the form of posters and twibbons uploaded via CIMSA UNISSULA’s Instagram, CIMSA members' personal Instagram, and  a quiz to assess public knowledge about rape culture.

The next event on March 21, 2021 was the CIMSA local UNISSULA member training. The training materials were delivered very interesting and interactive by SCORP Human Right Facilitator and SCORA Peer Educator’s Trainer. Lingua Retno Gumilang as SCORP Human Right Facilitator explained some material about rape culture, including definitions, types, causes, impacts, and prevention.

Meanwhile, Vita Yuniar Saraswati as SCORA Peer Educator’s Trainer explained some material about visum et repertum which includes definitions, manufacturing procedures, types, and structures.

Before the material was given by trainers, a pre test is carried out to assess how much the members know about the material to be presented. After being given the material by trainers, the event continued with a post test to assess the understanding of the material that had been obtained and assess whether there was any additional knowledge about rape culture and visum et repertum.  After finishing the training event, it is closed with a group photo.

With the implementation of this activity, it is hoped that participants will be able to absorb the information well and can be conveyed to people and taking actions on rape culture, especially in Indonesia. So they can be a preventive agent; hence, rape culture can be more realized and resolved together.


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