In the spirit of celebrating World AIDS Day 2018, SCORA CIMSA UNAIR held an event that is based on HIV&AIDS. The event called RHAPSODY that stands for Raising Hope and Uplifting Youth on World AIDS Day. Our event is held within un consecutive 4 days.

The first event we held is LPET 2.0 in which we were educating our members about what is HIV&AIDS, what are the risk and how to check if you have one. This event is held in November 30th 2018. We also had a small working group in which after that they have to present it to other participants that came.


The second part of the big event is our online campaign. We post something on social medias about HIV&AIDS throughout December, in hopes to raise awareness to HIV&AIDS also to minimise the stigmas that our country has toward those who suffer from HIV&AIDS.


The third event is held on December 1st 2018, together with the actual World AIDS Day itself, we organised a ground campaign in collaboration with PERDOSKI (Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kulit Kelamin Indonesia). The participant is not only from CIMSA UNAIR but it is also with student from UNESA, UBAYA, and UPN. In this campaign we handed leaflet to other guests in the venue and ask them to write something in sticky notes in order to raise awareness towards HIV&AIDS. We also had a talkshow with ODHA and a mini-class about HIV&AIDS to all the participants, after that we watch Bohemian Rhapsody together as is also highlight about the story of HIV&AIDS of a public figures, it also takes us back of how our study has advanced since that time. The last session is question and answer about the lecture and the talkshow.


The last but not least, on December 8th 2018 we hold a public intervention in Balai RW Kedungdoro with participant ranging from university student, young adult, and a group of key populations. We educate them about HIV&AIDS, how to know your status, also how to prevent it. We conducted a Focus Group Discussion in order to make sure that they really know what we were talking about in the lecture. The participant of the Focus Group Discussion is told to make a mind map based on what topic is given. They also get to train to be peer educator. After the group finish their discussion, they are supposed to presented it in front of everyone and held an open discussion with many point of views. At the end of the event we collaborated with Puskesmas Kedungdoro and Fokus Muda to hold VCT for everyone that came on Puskesmas Kedungdoro.


We really hope this event is not only raising the awareness of HIV&AIDS, but also to rise up against stigmas toward the community of people who is suffering HIV&AIDS.


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