(Raising Awareness with SCORE Infographics)


RESCUE (Raising Awareness with SCORE Infographics) was held in collaboration with SMAN 1 Surakarta to increase youth's awareness about public health issues in Indonesia and critical thinking through photovoice training. The development of increasingly advanced technology allows people to communicate remotely and obtain information more quickly. Social media has become an inseparable part of teenagers' life. However, this raises new problems, one of which is the rise of hoaxes in the community. Therefore, there is a need for education and literacy campaigns, especially for school-age youth, to improve critical thinking skills in filtering information. One of the ways is using the photovoice technique and create attractive virtual wall magazines

Based on the pre-assessment, from 37 high school students at SMAN 1 Surakarta, 27 respondents were interested in conducting research activities. However, 73% of respondents do not know about the photovoice technique. In addition, 73% of respondents rarely make wall magazines. Even so, 62.2% of respondents were interested in participating in virtual wall magazine activities. Other than that, there are  27% of respondents from high school students do not know about public health issues in Indonesia. The goals of this project are to increase the knowledge of high school students about Indonesian public health issues and photovoice techniques by 20%. Also, to increase the skills of high school students in making informative and creative virtual wall magazines with the formation of wall magazines that are presented and published on Instagram @rescue_scoreuns.

On September 26th, there was photovoice training delivered by dr. Dian Nugroho, M. Med.Ed, informative post 101 training by Kolom Remaja, and Indonesian public health issues training delivered by Margareta Evelyn Aldriani, S. Ked. After the first day, participants in each group make a virtual wall magazine, which will be rated and presented on the second day of Rescue. On October 4th, three virtual wall magazines were presented by each group, namely diarrhea, hypertension, and dengue hemorrhagic fever.

Most of the participants stated that they were satisfied with this project. From the results of the pretest and posttest of training, it was found that there was an increase in the knowledge of high school students by 25%. As many as 16 high school students participated in RESCUE. This project is very beneficial for high school students in improving their critical thinking and creativity in making interesting virtual wall magazines. Also, increasing their understanding of Indonesian public health issues.


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