(Raising Awareness and Empowering Women to Eradicate Diabetes)


On Sunday, November 3rd, 2019, SCOPH CIMSA FK Unpad held its first intervention of Raising Awareness and Empowering Women to Eradicate Diabetes (REMEDY). This first intervention aims to get to know and bond with the cadres of Cipacing village.

This first intervention consisted of several incredibly exciting agendas. In the morning, we, the volunteers of REMEDY, gathered before going to the village together with motorcycles and cars. At first, we met up with one of the cadres who guided us to a field where the residents were doing their morning exercise. We participated in the morning exercise together with the residents of Cipacing Village. The residents welcomed us warmly and invited us into their circle.  We all exercised with the residents along with music for about an hour.


After the exercise was done, we continued to our next activity, which was playing games. The game we played was guessing the style or Tebak Gambar. The rule of the game is simple. The cadres were divided into three groups and each group must give one representative to act out the style, while the others try to guess what the style means. The game successfully broke the awkwardness between us and we felt closer to the cadres.  

After we were satisfied playing games, we continued to the next event, which was eating. We and the residents of Cipacing Village ate nasi liwet while resting after we played and exercised. We communicated with the cadres and they were very open to us.

Last, before we went home, we took a picture together with the residents of Cipacing village. Then, we gave our appreciation by giving thanks to the residents. Some of the cadres also gave us some valuable advice for us related to our future as doctors. She said that we, as future doctors, should have concerns for the poor and help them.


After the event was finished, we went back to Unpad and we gathered again in Bale Wilasa 10 for evaluation and set up some issues regarding the next intervention.

From this cascade of events, we can conclude that this first intervention has successfully tightened our bond with the residents of Cipacing village. We hope that in our next intervention, we can give more impact to the residents and achieve our mission in this activity which is raising awareness and empowering women to eradicate diabetes.


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