(Raising Awareness and Empowering Women to Eradicate Diabetes)


On Tuesday, November 12th, 2019, SCOPH CIMSA FK Unpad held its second intervention for our World Diabetes Day event, Raising Awareness and Empowering Women to Eradicate Diabetes (REMEDY). This second intervention was held in one of the villager’s houses in Cipacing Village, Jatinangor. This intervention aimed to increase the cadres' knowledge about diabetes and to increase their skills in measuring blood pressure and blood glucose.


We started our activity at 1 p.m in the afternoon. We visited one of the cadre’s house and greeted them warmly. The house then became our place to hold this intervention and the cadres gathered together. We started this intervention with a lecture to the cadres. The lecturer at that time was dr. Ikbal Gentar Alam, an expert in nutrition. He discussed with the cadres about diabetes in general and they also related it with their real experiences such as the signs and symptoms of diabetes observed from one of the cadres’ acquaintances.

After the lecture was finished, we went to the next session which was a lecture about diabetic foot management. Several people from us became the lecturer and we used properties such as dolls to give them a concrete example on how to manage diabetic foot in diabetic patients. The cadres listened to the lecture with curiosity and excitement.

After it was finished, we started our next session which is training the cadres to measure blood pressure and blood glucose. We taught them how to use the sphygmomanometer and how to read the results. Then, they tried to use the sphygmomanometer and some of them wanted their blood pressure to be checked. Other than that, we also taught them how to measure blood glucose with the equipment prepared by us. The session ended with a photo session. We took a picture with the cadres, ending the intervention.

Fortunately, this intervention brought huge success to our main goal in upgrading the cadres' knowledge about diabetes. We faithfully hope that in our next intervention, we can help to facilitate the cadres to spread their knowledge about diabetes to their neighbors and family so that the ultimate goal of REMEDY can be achieved.


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