(Refugees Health Matters)

RELATE is a campaign held by DORP of MSCIA UB in commemoration of International Peace Day. Based on the results of a questionnaire-based assessment distributed to 55 respondents, it is known that almost half of the total respondents, namely 47.3% (26 people) are unsure about understanding the rights of refugees while 32.7% of respondents (18 people) do not know the rights of refugees. There were also 52.7% of respondents (29 people) who said they had doubts about the existence of a law that regulates refugees in Indonesia. 72.7% of respondents (40 people) did not follow the situation of refugees in Indonesia during the pandemic from 2020 to 2021. Then 60% of respondents (33 people) felt that health and health services during the pandemic were very important while the rest with a total of 22 people felt it was not a very important thing.

Based on data from respondents, it can be concluded that more than half of those who answered still doubted and did not know about the rights, laws, and health services of refugees during this pandemic. Therefore, RELATE aims to increase the knowledge and awareness of FKUB students and the public regarding refugee health.

The air campaign series began with UPGRADING SCORP 2.0 on Saturday, September 11, 2021, which was attended by new members of the DORP MSCIA UB to increase their understanding of refugee health. There was training on Child Abuse by Rizky Amaliyah Putri and the Right to Health for Refugees by Wilsen Widal Kho as certified trainers. Then continued on 27 September 2021 releasing motion graphics in collaboration with UNHCR on MSCIA YouTube. This motions graphics discusses refugees in Indonesia, starting from who is called a refugee, is there a law that regulates refugees, what are their—refugee’s rights, what are the conditions and health services they get during the pandemic, to the latest news about vaccines for refugees in Indonesia, as well as how the role and efforts of UNHCR towards refugees in Indonesia. To reach wider education, later this air campaign will be spread through the website, Twitter, IG mscia, IG committee, and other supporting platforms. During the series of events RELATE managed to collect 133 views and 66 likes on the Youtube movement chart. Then in UPGRADING SCORP 2.0, as many as 17 participants attended and the average post-test score above or equal to 70 was successfully achieved.


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