RAMEN 2021
(Raise Awareness of Mental Health)

RAMEN (Raise Awareness of Mental Health) 2021 was held to celebrate World Mental Health Day. This year, RAMEN 2021 raised the topic "Be There For You: Healthy online lifestyle for mental health". Based on the pre-assessments result we have conducted on 73 respondents aged 18-25 years old, it was found that 100% of respondents were using social media. We also made inquiries that mentioned the quarter-life crisis signs. 82.2% of respondents felt worried about their process. In addition, 61.6% of respondents felt doubt about their future. Therefore, RAMEN 2021 was intended to assist students in managing their online lifestyle to stay healthy in this quarter-life crisis issue. This project has one day of Pre-Activity Training delivered by Public Health Leader, Dewi Rani Pelitawati and with pre-and post-test through a google form. The goals of this training are to increase the knowledge of volunteers by 20% in basic mental health. From 28 respondents, only 47.14% of pre-test questions were answered correctly. Meanwhile, there is a 41.86% increase in the distribution of post-test scores from 20 respondents. This data shows that pre-activity training has succeeded in the goals of increasing volunteers' knowledge.

As the main event, RAMEN 2021 held a 2 days webinar. On the first day, RAMEN engaged the participant of a webinar to know more about ‘How to deal with Quarter Life Crisis with Digital Minimalism’  as the first topic delivered by Sylvia Adriana from  Into The Light. followed by the second topic ‘Cyberbullying: Behind The Scenes’ delivered by Anisa Ifana, S.Psi, MSc. from Cyberpsychology Indonesia. The results from average pretest scores are 79.56% and an increase of 8.34% in the distribution of post-test scores. On the second day, the topic  ‘Fight anxiety and insecurities with Self Love’ was delivered by Retno Utari K., S.Psi., Psikolog from Pijar Psikologi. The results from average pretest scores are 69.42% and an increase of 10.47% in the distribution of post-test scores (79.89%).

The last activity was online consultation from HIMPSI for 4 selected respondents that register by google form. After the webinar, 48.4% of respondents chose a value of 10 for RAMEN, 93.5% of respondents want the RAMEN to be held again next year. We hope that this activity can be beneficial by increasing knowledge of mental health which is very important to pay attention to.


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