On Sunday 4th October 2020 SCORA CIMSA UNRI held PRE (Y) Marital Sex in order to run LPET (Local Peer Educator Training). In this activity, SCORA CIMSA UNRI invited two presenters to explain about Marital Sex, where the first speaker was a representative from PETRA (Peer Educator Trainer) represented by Nurul Izzaty Rery and the second speaker from GENRE (Planning Generation) represented by Ega Ananda Putri.

Here SCORA CIMSA UNRI held its event online, namely through the Zoom application, but the activities ran smoothly and the participants were enthusiastic in mastering the material very well, we used the Zoom application for this activity because currently Indonesia, especially the Riau, is experiencing the COVID-19. Undesirable happens, where no one is allowed to leave the house and in some areas there are large-scale social restrictions (PSBB).

This activity was also carried out because of the lack of the desire from the participants, especially regarding Marital Sex and about sex education, so the first speaker from PETRA represented by Nurul Iizzati Rery gave a very extraordinary material, namely about STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), there are many types of infections described, including symptoms , the causes, how to overcome and also the prevention are very well explained on this session. In this material, pre-test and post-test were also carried out to see the development before and after the material was given, the extraordinary enthusiasm of the participants made the discussion ran optimally, the interaction between participants and presenters was also good.

After delivering the first material, a discussion was held with the participants about the problem of sexual disorders infection. The courage to express opinion was also very interesting from the participants.

The second activity is from GENRE (Planning Generation) represented by Ega Ananda Putri, the material which was explained by the second speaker is about ow to avoid bad environments, also how to behave and take care of yourself in order to avoid some problems caused by sexual problems, This session also explained how important the closeness of a person is to his parents because it will affect the attitude and action of the child in the future

after the explanation from the second speaker, SCORA held a game with the participants using the Kahoot application.

After that, the group division of the participants was also carried out, forming several small groups and each group was given questions about sex education or how to respond to someone who asked about sex education. The discussion time was given for 15 minutes, after that each of group would invite its representative to present the results from their discussion with the group.

After that there was a game given by Local Coordinator of CIMSA UNRI which really attracted the attention of each participant about ‘Who is the most influential in your life; and participants were asked to provide the answer in the form of a picture or short words, some of the selected pictures were allowed to tell the things from their drawing.

After the activity took place, a group photo was taken as the end of the event.


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