Standing Committee on Professional Exchange or SCOPE helps medical students broaden their medical knowledge and experience through an exchange. Each year, SCOPE aims to send hundreds of medical students to exchange as a representative from Indonesia. Hence to make sure outgoing complete the procedure and terms of condition preceding exchange, SCOPE UKDW held a pre-departure training.

Pre Departure Training was held on November 21st, 2020, attended by five outgoings from two universities. Pre Departure Training targets outgoings to explain all the procedures and information related to exchange. PDT aims to implement the comprehensive meaning of exchange as part of a global health mission to maximize this opportunity to learn in another country to develop Indonesia's health care system finally. The training started at 13.00 WIB via Google Meet and ended at 16.00 WIB. The pretest was held at the beginning of the movement to measure outgoing's prior knowledge about an exchange. There was also an introduction session of each outgoing and the official committees right after the pretest. The participants were interactive during this session. The main session was the IFMSA Database brought by Local Exchange Officer of Universitas Kristen Duta Wacana, Kadex Reisya Sita Damayanti. This session took around 50 minutes, and the materials consisted of explaining SCOPE in general, procedure and administrative documents required for the exchange, pre-exchange preparation, and post-exchange. After the main sessions, a question and answer session, and outgoings asked for some questions regarding exchange. Before closing the training, outgoings had to fill the posttest form to evaluate their understanding of exchange. 

Pre-test and post-test results showed that outgoings had understood the materials given by LEO. Postest results increased by more than 50% indicates that this training was successful. Outgoings are expected to start filling their Application Form and Card of Documents after this training since they have been given this training. Due to the pandemic, there is a load of postponed exchange awaits, and more health requirements are needed from the hosting country; therefore, early preparation is better. We sincerely hope that this training will be useful for outgoings later on.


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