(The Proposal and SPSS for Research)


Advancement of knowledge has gone rapidly over the past decades. It is marked by the number of impactful researches conducted every year. Every country in the world is trying to find ways for their society to gain better facilities, health, education, and many more. Regarding the advancement of knowledge, Indonesia has not been going as fast as other countries, as seen by low Indonesian student's interest in research. Research is deemed difficult and tedious. It is also uninteresting and tiring for most of the students. However, what if we could change the stereotypes?

PONS (The Proposal and SPSS for Research) is an activity organized by the Observer SCORE CIMSA Unsoed by the tagline of Better Researchers for A Marvelous World: Your Step Starts Here! This event acts as series of CIMSA Event, and SCORE Goes to Public level 1. The event aims to increase the medical students' knowledge and skills in doing research and utilizing SPSS. It is also intended to grow interested to research within a member of CIMSA Unsoed, especially of the Observer SCORE CIMSA Unsoed.

PONS was held as a two-day event of webinars and workshops. It is held on February 25th and 26th, 2021, with speakers from the Medical Faculty of Unsoed. The webinar is about a good research proposal on the first day was given by dr. Joko Mulyanto, M. Sc., PhD.

On the second day, Mrs. Siti Munfiah, S. K.M., M. Kes. as the speaker and trainer about SPSS for research, gave the participant key information about SPSS and a live demonstration. The participant has been directed to install the IBM SPSS before the event to practice altogether with the trainer. 

PONS received good responses from the participant. Thirty-eight participants attended the first day of the webinar. A substantial discussion had emerged on the QnA section as a sign of good engagement with the material given. Twenty-five participants attended the second day of the webinar and workshop. Even though it was held online, participants got the benefit and insights from the webinar and workshop indicated by the 28% – 42% increase of pre-test to post-test scores. 

Research, especially in the medical sector, has an essential role in improving the nation's health. Observer SCORE CIMSA Unsoed has seriously taken a real measurement to support that vision of ours. It is the first step to create more and better researchers for a marvelous world.


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