(Improve Your Mental Health​: We Can Survive)


In this current pandemic situation, every individual is required to survive. Individuals here can come from various groups who try to survive in social, economic, educational, and so on. However, apart from these few aspects there is one important thing that some people ignore. It's mental health, not just physical. It is undeniable that education through webinars on mental health should be held more universally and comprehensively in order to reduce the level of anxiety in the community.

We Can Survive was a webinar which was held by CIMSA UKDW on Saturday, September 19th 2020, involving the POMENA community and general students from various departments and various universities. There were 245 participants who participated and the speaker was dr. Santi Yuliani, Sp. KJ. M.Sc. Some of the goals are to increase participants' understanding and awareness of the importance of maintaining mental health, educating and introducing participants to the symptoms of psychiatric problems, and others.

On this project, we invited competent speakers with her experiences and educational backgrounds. The topic of this webinar was IMPACT "Improving Mental Health During Pandemic". We started this webinar with prayer first and speeches from the Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Alumni of the Faculty of Medicine Duta Wacana Christian University, VLI CIMSA UKDW, and Project Officer of this activity.

Webinar about "Improving Mental Health During Pandemic"

Before starting the webinar, we held a pre-test to measure how far the participants knew about this general knowledge of mental health. This was followed by a core event, about providing education about mental health by the speakers. The speaker is very interactive with the participants and she also gave jokes to the participants. The participants were very enthusiastic by giving several questions to the speakers. Besides, we also gave quizzes to the participants. In this session, the participants were very enthusiastic about answering and they got the door prize that had been provided. After that, we gave a post-test to measure the extent of participants knowledge about mental health.

The results we got were proven to increase the participants' insight after listening to the presenters educating them about mental health. Arriving at the end of the event, we opened the evaluation assessment to the participants. The results obtained are enough to make us happy and satisfied because we can run our first WECAVE project which was carried out online smoothly.


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