Realizing the importance of maintaining mental health is the main thing in carrying out daily activities and life, because in our daily lives we will be required to be able to process time, thoughts and emotions in the midst of busy activities, in carrying out our daily lives we also interact with many people with various characters. The importance of maintaining a lifestyle and cultivating mental health needs to be instilled in ourselves and also in others, especially those closest to us. Therefore, it is necessary to have awareness and encouragement from within and the surrounding environment to maintain a better and healthier lifestyle, both physically and psychologically.

Improve Your Mental Health (POMENA) is an activity in which the participants are medical faculty students who will become great doctors able to provide direction and education to the surrounding community and also increase awareness in themselves. In this activity, POMENA participants were given a forum to share and invite other people, especially those around them with the theme "Every Little Things That Makes You Happy" through posts on Instagram with twibbons and captions that had been prepared by the committee regarding activities carried out by participants to make them happy under stressful thought. It’s hoped along with this activity participants are able to share useful tips and tricks for maintaining mental health, especially in pandemic situations like today.

This activity was packaged in the form of a challenge where 16 winners will be taken in the category of 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place winner, most likes, funniest, most aesthetic, honest, most popular, most antimainstream, most applicable, and 6 winners from each group. The purpose of carrying out activities in the form of a challenge was that participants are able to express and share the knowledge they get after participating in various intervention activities, such as seminars and podcasts on previous POMENA activities. Participants were asked to post their activities with twibbons and captions according to the template from the committee and tag three friends. Twibbons contained photos of activities and captions contained the notion of mental health, activities that are usually done to make you happy when you are stressed, and the reasons for choosing these activities. The deadline for uploading posts was November 18th, 2020, before the activity takes place, the committee had provided directions on Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 regarding the theme of the activity, the flow of activities and existing regulations. After all activities took place, participants were asked to fill in and provide an evaluation for the committee so that future activities can run even better.


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