The issue of the distribution of doctors in Indonesia is always hot to discuss every year considering the trend in doctors' distribution, which is still focused on the island of Java ("Java Sentris"). Reporting from the Indonesian Ministry of Health data in 2015 states that the highest ratio of doctors to total population is in North Sulawesi (1: 2,552.3), and the lowest is in West Java (1: 9,124.08). What is always an obstacle in this issue is there is a stigma that areas outside Java are 3T areas (Terdepan, Terluar, Tertinggal)

As a part of a medical students' organization that works to empower medical students to improve the nation's health, SCOME CIMSA Indonesia aims to spread awareness about doctors' distribution through a short campaign called the “Persebaran Dokter” Campaign. This campaign is a yearly campaign held by SCOME CIMSA Indonesia; this years' campaign began on February 13th, 2021, and will end on March 4th, 2021. This year, SCOME CIMSA Indonesia brought up “The Role of Medical Student in the Distribution of Doctor” as the campaign's central theme.

This campaign was carried out totally through a social media campaign led by SCOME CIMSA Indonesia. On February 13th, SCOME CIMSA Indonesia uploaded an announcement that the campaign will be started.

On February 15th, SCOME CIMSA Indonesia publicly announces about public poster competition. The central theme is the distribution of doctors and health workers in Indonesia. On February 21st, SCOME CIMSA Indonesia posted an infographic about the 3T area and doctors' availability in it.

The next day, SCOME CIMSA Indonesia shared a pre-campaign assessment report about the distribution of doctors in Indonesia. The data was obtained through a survey of 192 medical students with various age ranges. On February 23rd, SCOME CIMSA Indonesia posted an infographic regarding government regulations related to doctor distribution programs. On February 26th, SCOME CIMSA also shared an infographic on the internship program's role in the distribution of doctors. Aside from infographics, SCOME CIMSA Indonesia also challenged the "Persebaran Dokter" challenge for their members and other medical students. These challenges are done through an Instagram story post. A lot of SCOME members participated in this challenge. On March 3rd, the public poster competition winner is announced and categorized as the primary champion and favorite champion. On March 4th, the campaign ends with a post that thanks to all the participating participants in this campaign.

As we progressed to the end of the doctor distribution campaign, we hope that this series of campaigns can raise medical students' enthusiasm to improve doctors' maldistribution in Indonesia through community service in the 3T area. Let us all work hard and unite for better health!

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