(Persiapan Ujian Bersama CIMSA)


On Friday, 9th April 2021, CIMSA USU conducted the fourth intervention of the Community Development Project called PERISAI (Persiapan Ujian Bersama CIMSA). This intervention was held online using Zoom. We discussed the 'Metabolic System' block's problem on this intervention. We began at 7.00 pm then ended at 9.17 pm.
PERISAI is the first community development project by CIMSA USU. This community development project aims to assist Universitas Sumatera Utara's first-year medical students preparing for their midterm examination. Besides that, we also hope that doing this project can improve the quality of hospital workers, especially doctors.

On this intervention, we drew 96 participants. At 7.00 pm, the intervention began with an introduction from the MC, followed by greetings from the Local Coordinator CIMSA USU, Community Development Coordinator, and Community Development Officer. After that, we take a photo leads by Documentation Committee. Then, the participants were put into the breakout room according to their groups and pretest to assess their knowledge.

After that mentor helps them to answer some questions about the block, they took the post-test after discussing the exercise issue and then returned to the main room zoom. Finally, MC wanted to know about the participants' opinions of the project. At 9.17 pm, MC ended the event.
From this intervention, the scores from all participants improved but did not matter. According to from pretest and post-test results, the average score before the coaching was 38,6. However, after the intervention, the average score for the post-test was increased only 1 point. The average score for the post-test was 39,6. Based on the satisfaction questionnaire, the average score from participants were all above 91,3%
From this intervention, we hope that as a result of this event, PERISAI would help first-year medical students in Universitas Sumatera Utara prepare for their midterm exam of 1st Metabolic System Block. We hope that they put in their best effort and achieve the highest score on their exams.  We also hope that participants will be more enthusiastic and get involved in the subsequent intervention.


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