Entering the second year of community development project, Pelita Bumi (Peduli Lingkungan, Cintai Bumi) has been successfully done in completing all the interventions in 2018 with the communities of RW 9 and RW 10, Cintamulya Village. Based on the prior assessment, Cintamulya Village is one of the districts with high risk of flood in Jatinangor. Also, the communities already get used to burn all their waste. Therefore, we, SCORP CIMSA FK Unpad, have willingness in changing the habits of the community by sharing education about the proper way to manage waste. Not only flood, but also disease can be happened as the result of this wrong habits that already done since long time ago.


Our project was started by introducing our team to the head of the community and Karang Taruna and participating at the closing ceremony of Indonesian Independence Day. Our first intervention was held in October 6th, 2018 and filled with crowds of resident of RW 10 that wanted their blood pressure to be checked and. In the next session, we shared an education about classification of waste and waste management also we did a discussion about problems and solutions that the community has facing up to. The session became lively and exhilarating when suddenly the speaker offered them door prizes and money for best participants. The next day, we started the day with aerobic exercise and continued with practicing on how to make fertilizer from organic waste and learning on how to make handcrafts from non-organic waste to Karang Taruna of RW 10. Started with aerobic exercise and eating together, our last intervention was focus on sharing the knowledges that Karang Taruna has gotten in the previous intervention to the community of RW 9. We also included painting trashcan competition, that was held for children. The children were really enthusiast and resulted a great painting. The event was closed by giving to some participant the compost baskets to facilitate them to make compost in their home. We also distribute some trash can at some spot, considering the lack of trash can in that area.


As the last intervention was done, we all immediately burst with joy and excitement and also hoping that the community will still apply the knowledge we shared in their daily life or even better, for example by sharing their knowledges to other community so that the goals of community development project will be implemented.


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