(I’m Perfectly Okay with Having No Insecurity)


Security is one of the basic needs; it can also be seen as a basic value in Western societies (Niemelä, 2000), where more and more systems are developed to guarantee security. Security is a highly valued goal, which may be difficult to reach because of different threats and risks in personal lives and in near and global environments. One indicator of the collective quest for security is evident in the literature and studies on different risks. Over a decade ago, Furedi (1997) wrote about the increase in the use of the word “risk” in literature and scientific research. This article participates in the discussion of insecurity and risks by focusing on the experiences of young people. In order to understand young people’s perspectives, we need to focus on their experiences; we need to ask how they relate to society and how distant and global issues influence their world. This article argues that young people are key persons in reflecting the world and the changes in societies. Instead of reacting to the extreme examples of social problems or crimes involving young people, we try to understand how young people experience their personal and social lives, and the more societal and global issues. There is a need to develop social sciences empirical research among young people. It is important to know the role of security in young people’s lives and the sources and dimensions of their insecurity.

As the celebration of World Mental Health Day SCOPH Public Health Department of Wijaya Kusuma University Surabaya held a National Webinar and Workshop called PEACE (I’m Perfectly Okay with Having No Insecurity) via Zoom Meeting by inviting the psychiatrist, dr. Jiemi Ardian, Sp.KJ, and the survivors of insecurity, SkinnyIndonesian24 (Andovi & Jovial Da Lopez). The purpose of this event is quite simple, we want to educate young people about how to overcome their insecurity. We hold the event on October 25th, 2020 


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