(Promoting Student’s Exchange Around the World)


Exchange holds a significant role in improving the quality of medical students as one of the human resources for health. Hence IFMSA and CIMSA hold professional and research exchanges annually. DOPE and DORE MSCIA UB came with Promoting Students’ Exchange Around the World (PEACE OUT), an annual project held as Exchange Fair for IFMSA exchanges. Due to the pandemic, PEACE OUT 2021 was done online and split into three: series of air campaigns, a national Exchange Fair webinar, and group-to-group IFMSA exchange socialization.
The series of air campaigns were held throughout April 12th - 23rd, 2021, as two testimonial podcasts shared on Spotify regarding experiences gained while studying and exchanging culture with IFMSA exchange with our former outgoings, Salwa and Diona Ossy, which gained five listeners. Moreover, our former incomings, Katerina Janstova and Alexandra Oltean which gained 54 listeners. We also posted some information regarding the IFMSA exchange, such as the difference between SCOPE and SCORE exchange, NMOs and exchange flow, and ways and tips in applying for the IFMSA exchange program @msciaub Instagram account. The feeds gained 7.399 impressions, 6.216 reach, and 927 likes, while the stories gained 7.399 impressions and 5.190.

As the main event, a national webinar was held on April 24th, 2021. We invited dr. Ryan Rachmad Nugraha, M.PH., the representative of PERMIAS, to talk about his life as a foreign medical student and how exchange plays a role in making him one step ahead his friends.

We also invited Clauvinna Lie Fisca as NEO-Out and Wiriasti Danantika as NAFO to inform the participants further about SCOPE and SCORE exchange. Lastly, since the Faculty of Medicine in Universitas Brawijaya also includes another health major aside from medicine, we also had Stella Maries, the Team Leader of Sales Representative and Management of AIESEC Brawijaya, to inform the participants about AIESEC Global Volunteer. In this event, 177 students all across Indonesia gathered and stated that they are very interested in applying for an exchange program in IFMSA. Post-webinar, we gave further socialization about SCOPE and SCORE exchange program group-to-group on medical student’s classes of Universitas Brawijaya. We are also opening Application Form registration from April 19th to May 14th, 2021, gaining 19 applicants for SCOPE and 14 applicants for SCORE per May 7th, 2021.
We hope this event may increase medical students' enthusiasm regarding the IFMSA exchange program along with their interest in studying and exchanging their culture abroad.


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