(Pre Departure Training)


On Thursday ,March 14th 2019 we held Pre Departure Training at Vargo Kitchen to give the outgoers a better understanding about what do they have to do before they go for the exchange, we had prepared the presentation that are going to be given to the outgoers, it is about travelling 101 and academic quality. We give the 2 material to the outgoers in a different session.

This event should start at 4 pm but because of one of the outgoers haven’t came yet so we waited for her but it turned out that on that day she was not able to attend the event so we start the training at 4.30 by praying first so that the event will go smoothly according to the plan that has been made. The first session was a presentation about travelling 101 that was given by Cyntia Putri, in that presentation she explained about tips and tricks on how to survive in a foreign country starting on how to choose public transportation, how to choose accommodation, how to stay safe on public places and many more. The outgoers seems very interested with this topic and also a lot of them asks for question and one of them is about what visa to choose because some of the outgoers choose to extend their time in their country so that they can also have a holiday. After all of the question had been answered the presentation continues with how to fill the handbook that the outgoers are going to bring on their exchange. This material was given also by Cyntia Putri and she explained how to fill the checklist, learning objective and learning skills because many of the outgoers have not understand how to fill the logbook yet.


The presentation continues with topics about academic quality by chief DOPE, this topics is important because the only way we can measure the benefit from an exchange is by checking at the academic quality that the outgoers had filled when they are doing the exchange. And also certificate can only be given if the outgoers have completed the handbook, so explaining about the assignment that the outgoers have to work on is really important. This presentation about academic quality starts off with why academic quality is important and why the outgoers have to work on them, and then it continues with explanation about the handbook, case report, exchange article, and evaluation form.

After all of the topics had been given we close this event by praying again to thank god because the event was successful and the rundown can go smoothly without any problems. The outgoings was seem happy with the knowledge that they got form pre departure training


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