On Saturday, the 1st of December, SCOPE CIMSA UPH held a training for the 2018/2019 professional exchange outgoing students from Universitas Pelita Harapan Medical School called Pre Departure Training 1. The training consists of a workshop on how to complete the needed paperwork and necessities for the exchange and also a briefing from the Local Exchange Officer for Outgoing about the rules and regulations, as well as the preparations for the professional exchange. This activity is a mandatory check list for the outgoings from SCOPE Nasional, hence all outgoings must attend this training as part of their eligibility for going on the exchange. The main objective of this event is to establish the rules and regulations to the exchange students and also help them with the intricate IFMSA paperworks from the website. Here the LEO shares the dos and don'ts of professional exchange, touching on the basics of professional exchange for prepping the future outgoings. More advance training such as medical skills will be given on the upcoming Pre Departure Training 2. Around 20 2018/2019 outgoing professional exchange students attended this activity.


The briefing by the Local Exchange Officer for Outgoing CIMSA UPH, Brian Javier Japadermawan, covered basic information such as how exactly does the professional exchange work, what necessities must be prepared ahead of the exchange, and other technicalities regarding the general outline of this life changing experience. The lecture was then followed by a questions and answers session where the attendees could satiate their curiosity and unanswered questions about their respective exchanges. This year, CIMSA UPH will be sending around 25 third year medical students to countries all around the globe such as Japan, Greece, France, and much more.


Some SCOPE members also participated in this activity and showed their support for the future outgoings. The OC gained much experience throughout organizing this event and the participants showed high enthusiasm, as seen in their active involvement in the sessions. At the end of the project, they agreed that they have gained much understanding in regards to their preparation, what to do next, and overall status for their upcoming exchange.


The future outgoings are also much more excited about their upcoming exchange now after preparing the necessities needed for their trip. All in all, this activity was meant to empower medical students through exposing them to opportunities such as professional exchange, as according to the CIMSA Program: Health Systems.


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