(Pre Departure Training) 

In order to participate in a professional exchange that is held by the IFMSA, medical students or in this case known as outgoings needs to prepare needs to have several files and they also need to know how to manage those files. However, it is suspected that several outgoings that has already registered to participate in the exchange program do not have the proper knowledge regarding both the files they need and how to manage those files. In order to confirm this suspicion an assessment was done and the result of the assessment shows that 40% of the outgoings do not understand the outgoing departure flow and 45% of the outgoings states that they do not understand the files they need to perform the exchange and. 


In accordance to this, SCOPE CIMSA UI held the Pre Departure Training in order to facilitate the outgoings with a training so the outgoings will have the necessary knowledge needed to manages the files as well as to give the outgoings a clearer picture regarding what they are going to do during the exchange.


Pre Departure Training is an activity, which is conducted in the form training followed by a talk show session with the objective to facilitate the outgoings with the necessary knowledge to manage the files they need and to provide a clearer picture regarding their lives during the exchange program. After both session there is a 10 minutes question and answer session to cover unclear parts of both the training and talk show as well as to cover any points that has not yet been covered in the previous sessions. The training is given by the Local Officer For Outgoings SCOPE CIMSA UI and the talk show session was given by an outgoing alumni. The outgoings will also be given a google drive by the name outgoing kit that will contain information regarding the preparations that must be done to perform the exchange program and the materials from the training as well as the talk show.


By conducting this activity, it is hoped that the outgoings will have the necessary knowledge regarding the files the need to partake in the IFMSA exchange program, how to manage those files, and to know the exchange life more. Hopefully this event was of use to the outgoings and their exchange program will go as intended.


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