(Close Out The Barrier of HIV & AIDS on Children)


On December 1st, as we are commemorating World AIDS Day 2020, SCORA CIMSA FK Unsyiah held several projects, such as social media campaigns, educational volunteer recruitment, IGTV Series, and webinar peak of the event.

Our reason for holding this event is to celebrate World AIDS Day. However, we also remind and pay special attention to the importance of HIV and AIDS for medical students and the whole community. The stigma and lousy perspective on ODHIV can be adapted to the existing truth.

In providing education, we open recruitment to the entire community to become educational volunteers in our series of events. Our educational volunteer is called HIV and AIDS Rangers. They are learning and earning a new perspective yet relatives about HIV and AIDS. However, they also help us share the education content as social media campaigns related to HIV and AIDS to their social media. It aims to provide challenges to the community and additional knowledge about HIV and AIDS through social media campaigns published by HIV and AIDS Rangers.

We created an IGTV series starring Dika & Diki, who had a fantastic journey for this series by providing education. Dika and Diki are medical students who want to find out about HIV and AIDS from various sources from various perspectives. They discussed HIV and AIDS in general with dr. Ratna Mardiati, Sp.KJ (K), the role of medical students in preventing and treating HIV and AIDS with Moh. Nur Indra Caesar as NORA CIMSA Indonesia 2020/2021, the government's role in the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS, dr. Iman Murahman from Dinas Kesehatan Provinsi Aceh and also closed by sharing with ODHIV with Syarif Hidayatullah. It reaches hundreds of views for each episode.

Moreover, on December 20th, 2020, we held a webinar on the Zoom Meeting platform. The title is "Oblivion: Close Out The Barrier of HIV & AIDS on Children" and choose the citizen, mainly medical students, as targets, and reach 90 participants. The speakers are talked about the medical side from dr. Fitria, M.Sc., SpKK FINSDV, and the community side from Mr. Bernhard Adilaksono Wahyumandiri, representatives of Yayasan AIDS Indonesia (YAIDS). The webinar starts at 13.30 with a series of events with the presentation of material from both speakers. Next, a question and answer session was given to the participants as an open discussion for sharing things that are still not understood, which is also closing our event at 16.00. The theme and material that we give in this webinar are HIV and AIDS on children, especially in Indonesia, are still rarely heard and communicated well for us medical students and the community. This webinar purposing to raise awareness and cares about HIV dan AIDS in Indonesia, especially on children, to end the stigma, decrease the number of discrimination, and in the end to reach a good quality of life. At the end of the webinar, participants increased their knowledge by reaching the average score of 84.56 from the post-test.


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