On 23rd of November 2019, SCORP CIMSA UI hosted an event named “MSF Goes to Campus” at Universitas Indonesia Health Sciences Cluster, Depok. The aim of this project is to raise people’s awareness about global health issues and to introduce them to MSF, which is a non-government organization that dedicates themselves to solve global health issues.

This event was a culmination of a 3-day project which started on November 21st, 2019. In the first two days, SCORP CIMSA UI held an exhibition that displayed documentary photos about MSF when they were at their workplace. Besides that, there were also SCORP CIMSA UI members that were tasked to guide the visitors, explaining what we know about MSF and their field of work. The exhibition took place on the 2nd floor of C building, Universitas Indonesia Health Sciences Cluster, Depok and lasted from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


On the d-day, SCORP CIMSA UI members arrived at the venue at 8 a.m. to prepare the decorations and layout of the room to be used for the event. Around 9 a.m., the registration was opened and the participants began to come to the venue. The greetings by Master of Ceremony (MC) at 10 a.m. started the event. After a praying session, the MC called Christopher Christian as Project Officer of MSF Goes to Campus 2019 to give an opening speech. Then, the event continued with a pre-test. After the pre-test, this event was then continued by a talk show session with dr. Chandra Sembiring Meliala as Medical Doctor for MSF and Abdel Haris Hafiz as Logistics and Supply Coordinator for MSF. The substances discussed in the talk show were mainly their motivation to join MSF and their experiences while working in MSF. After the talk show session, there was a Q&A session for audiences who were still curious. To close the first session, there was a certificate handover session by Christopher Christian to the speakers. Then, participants were given time to rest and eat until 1 p.m.

The second session started with a focus group discussion about “Humanitarian Dilemma”. The participants were divided into 5 groups with different cases of the humanitarian dilemmas with the facilitators from MSF themselves. After around 20 minutes of discussion, the representative of each group presented their discussion results to the forum. The event continued with a pop quiz session which included matters that had been discussed in talkshow and focus group discussion. Finally, there was a post-test session to measure the success of the event. The event was closed with a group photo session that includes Organizing Committees and participants of the event.

May MSF Goes to Campus be useful to raise awareness about global health issues and to introduce participants to MSF, which can be a very promising platform for them to solve global health issues.


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