(Make Ourselves Free From Breast Cancer With Happiness)


From the data we’ve got, the behavior of SADARI is 3,5x more rarely happen in highschool students. It implies that the awareness of breast cancer in students is low. According to that reason, this year, SCORA CIMSA Unsoed held ground campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with MAMMORIES: Make Ourselves Free From Breast Cancer with Happiness. MAMMORIES divided into two main events, there were LPET level 2 and ground campaign.


LPET level 2 held at Semester 3 Classroom of FK Unsoed from 2 o’clock to 4 o’clock. There were 17 members of CIMSA Unsoed who participated in this training. LPET level 2 being done by PETRA CIMSA Unsoed, Yahya Khairyhanif, and Rania Nisrina Alifah. The first thing we’ve done was doing picture guessing games in which the answer was about breast cancer. Then, we continued with socializing about risk factors, how to prevent breast cancer and doing SADARI by PETRA. PETRA also socialized about myths and facts that happen in society. After that, we were doing roleplay between doctor, a breast cancer patient, patient’s family, member of CIMSA, and another role. We also shared our feeling and perspective of breast cancer. LPET ended with giving the certificate to speakers and took photos together.

Before we do the ground campaign, SCORA CIMSA Unsoed started with an air campaign in which everyone wore pink and took a photo together with ribbon formation.

The ground campaign being held at SMK Aryasatya Teknologi Patikraja from 13.30 to 16.00 after their extracurricular activities were done. The students for this activity was 32 people. The activity began with introducing from the students and shared their opinion about breast cancer. After that, we invited PETRA CIMSA Unsoed, Rania Nisrina Alifah to give socialization about breast in general, breast cancer and how to do an early diagnose for breast cancer.  The students were enthusiastic and answered actively to PETRA’s questions. We continued to FGD. The students were divided into five groups along with a member of CIMSA Unsoed as the facilitator. In FGD, they shared their perspectives about breast cancer, represented the socialization and practiced SADARI. They were really enthusiastic and asked SCORA CIMSA Unsoed to come again. They hoping that SCORA CIMSA Unsoed to socialize more about health education because they didn’t get it in high school. In the ground campaign, we shared an infographic from Kementerian Kesehatan and use breast mannequins to show them about breast anatomy and how to apply SADARI under facilitator supervise. We also give them a kit, including infographic, snack, and pink ribbon as a symbol for BCAM. We hope the ground campaign can give more knowledge to students in SMK and raise their awareness of breast cancer with SADARI.


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