To celebrate national nutrition day, on 27 February 2021, SCOPH CIMSA UMP held a MALT WEBINAR with the topic of malnutrition and stunting with the theme "optimizing the role of students, society and cross-sector in terms of malnutrition and stunting in the era of the COVID-19 ". This webinar was started by a welcome from the project officer to the coach of CIMSA UMP, Dr. Anis Kusumawati Msc.M.Med.ed. This webinar contains two materials with different speakers; in the first material, we invited speakers, namely Ms. Velofa Theresia, Financial Planning & Special Project Manager from 1000 Days Fund. This material explains everything about stunting and malnutrition from early life to the impact that will happen.

In the second material, we invited Mr. Annas Burhani S.Gz, Section of Kesga & Nutrition of the Banyumas District Health Office from the Banyumas Health Office, to present the role's material of cross-sectors in terms of stunting and malnutrition and to discuss the incidence of Banyumas. The first material was guided by the moderator, namely Syifa Ariella Arsita Putri and Annisa Dita Dewi. The series of events from MALT WEBINAR was quite dense, namely from 13.00 -16.10 WIB before the material series began, there was a pretest first which aims to see how far the knowledge of stunting and malnutrition from the participants and post-test was carried out after the material to see if there was an increase in the participant's knowledge of stunting and malnutrition. The implementation of the MALT WEBINAR was attended by 83 participants from various universities and departments, who were very enthusiastic about the speaker's questions and answers. MALT WEBINAR is done using zoom meeting media and disseminated with Instagram media CIMSA UMP and CIMSA UMP line.

We, SCOPH CIMSA UMP, would like to thank you for 1000 days fund and  Banyumas Health Office, who had the pleasure to be a speaker and share knowledge at MALT WEBINAR. We are grateful to Dr. Anis Kusumawati Msc.M.Med.ed who has supported this event, as well as friends who are involved in the MALT WEBINAR event. We hope that by holding MALT WEBINAR, participants can get useful knowledge, get transparent sources, become more understandable, and can be applied in life.


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