(Let’s Be Aware of Depression)

LISTEN 3.0 (Let’s Be Aware of Depression) is an activity held by SCOPH CIMSA UGM to raise awareness about how important our mental health is. LISTEN 3.0 also collaborated with @eventmahasiswa8, Edukasi Dokter, Camaba FK, Sehat, Center for Public Mental (CPMH), Pijarpsikologi, and Layanan Psikologi FK-KMK UGM. LISTEN 3.0 aims to improve general students', especially, health major students', and volunteers' knowledge regarding mental health in pandemic. The activity is a series consists of talk show, focus group discussions, broadcasts campaigns, and volunteer work in assisting COVID-19 self-isolating patients.

The background of this activity is carried out from our pre-project assessment to 243 respondents of  preclinical medical student Universitas Gadjah Mada. On September 4th, 2021, SCOPH CIMSA UGM held the pre-project training session for the upcoming activity LISTEN 3.0. The training was attended by LISTEN 3.0's volunteers and SCOPH CIMSA UGM members. Two trainers are involved in this training: Sekar Putri Andriani as Public Health Leader who brought the topic on Basic Mental Health and Nurul Kusuma Hidayati, M. Psi, psikolog who brought the matter on Psychological First Aid.

SCOPH CIMSA UGM held the main event of LISTEN 3.0 on September 5th, 2021, with the topic of college students' mental health during the pandemic. The event consisted of a talk show from psychologist, psychiatrist, and moderator from CIMSA UGM member. The activity was followed by sharing session from mental health survivor and Focused Group Discussion facilitated by peer counselors from Layanan Psikologi FK-KMK UGM.
One Day with Isoman held on 12 September 2021 is the culmination of the isoman (Covid-19 patient in self-isolation) accompaniment event held on 7-11 September previously. On that day, we did various fun activities together such as online workout, bonding and sharing sessions through games, morning breakfast, and conveying hopes for each other as a consolation in isolation. We hope this activity was able to bring joy to everyone involved.

From all of these activities, our impacts are 70 volunteers joining air campaign, 295 participants of Talkshow & FGD, 379 views from Youtube of Talk Show & FGD, 15 participants Pendampingan Isoman. LISTEN 3.0 also held open donation for Isoman Shelter and managed to collect donations of IDR 1,300,000.00 for Isoman Shelter. We hope through this activity, we can raise awareness about how important our mental health is.


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