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The public poster competition was really famous among the student nowadays. This competition is being loved by the student because of many things. First thing is, there are so many public poster competition which was held by many institution with the number of prizes varies. Second, the form of the public poster is pretty unique, many important messages is delivered easily from the author to the reader with just only one piece of paper. Third, the way to join the competition is quiet simple and really fun, making an interesting poster with a credible resources virtually, then publish them. Because of these reason, SCORE CIMSA UNAIR held an event which discuss about making a public posters through an event called LEOPARD. This event aims to educate high school (SMA) students to make good, interesting and credible public posters. Since we know, a good public posters not only from a perfect design, but we also need to have a credible information on it. This Community development is divided into 3 interventions. Intervention I was held on March 14, 2020, for intervention II was held on August 21, 2020.

After conducting data research and survey to high schools around Surabaya, we found 4 of 9 school have extracurricular KIR include SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya. We need a school which has KIR as one of their extracurricular because KIR teach the student about research, from compiling the idea until making a poster for the presentation, which is in line with the goal of this event, to educate high school student about research especially public poster. From the list, we finally choose SMA Muhammadiyah 2 Surabaya because of many consideration: the school principal and the KIR coaches are cooperative, the facilities and infrastructure in the environment are quite good, and the distance from the Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University is close enough.

On this second intervention, through Zoom online bonding was carried out together with KIR members who later become cadres from LEOPARD. This event starts at 14.00 WIB. The event opened with a prayer together led by the MCs. Then proceed with the pre-test which was guided by the MC. The third event, presentation of material I which is about how to make a public poster delivered by Nadhifah and continued with presentation of material II by Junski to deepen participant's knowledge on public poster. He is very experienced in making and competing public posters at the University level. So that the cadres can understand the steps for making a good public posters that have been delivered by our great speakers. After that, we did a post test which was guided by the MC and answered by the participants who attended. Next, participants practiced by themself then they was given feedback by the speaker.  


The series of events on this intervention ended with presentation of the results of the FGD which was closed with a group photo include the cadres. We hope that in the future the SCORE CIMSA members and cadres could learn how to make good public posters together. The next intervention III will take place on 6 September 2020. See you at LEOPARD's 3rd intervention!

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