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Research is an essential aspect of the national health system. However, it is unfortunate that Indonesia's research productivity is still low because there is still a lack of interest and understanding about the research itself, even though the demand for research in the future is very high. Therefore, SCORE CIMSA UNAIR provides an event for students, especially medical students, to deepen their research knowledge. LACUNA (Learning about Research and Training with SCORE) is an annual project from SCORE called SCORE GOES PUBLIC LEVEL 1 where participants get training on researching experts in their fields.

This event aims to increase the interest and understanding of medical students towards research, upgrade their skills, and prepare SCORE members to carry out SGP level 4 activities.

LACUNA was held for two days on December 5th, 2020, and December 6th, 2020. It opens to the public. On the first day, LACUNA invited Dr. Poedji Lestari, dr., M.Kes. and Dr. Budi Utomo, dr., M.Kes. to explain the basics of research and how to operate SPSS, respectively.  For better understanding, dr. Budi Utomo also gave a demo using the SPSS program and followed by all participants.

For the second day, the first topic is about literature review presented by Alfian Nurfaizi, finalist, and winner in various literature review competitions. In this session, the participants' enthusiasm was very high, and even many questions from the participants were forced to have not been answered due to time constraints. The second topic is about scientific articles with the speaker, namely Dr. Rahadian Indarto Susilo, dr., SpBS(K), and it also received an excellent response from the participants. Discussions between the speaker and the participants are inspiring, and dr. Rahadian also provides some motivations that greatly foster our passion and interest to conduct research.

We hope through this event, there will be more students interested in research, so we, as medical students, can play a role in the development of science, especially in health. That is all about LACUNA, thank you and see you at the next score event!

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