KROMATIDS 1st Intervention - SCORA CIMSA Unsoed

KROMATIDS 1st Intervention - SCORA CIMSA Unsoed


KROMATIDS 1st Intervention
(Komunitas Remaja Tanggap HIV/AIDS) 

On Saturday, August 28, 2021, SCORA CIMSA Unsoed had successfully held its first intervention for its first Community Development. This Community Development program is called KROMATIDS which stands for Komunitas Remaja Tanggap HIV/AIDS. This intervention consists of two main activities, Comprehensive Sexuality Education training, and Focused Group Discussion. The target for this Community Development program is the 10th grader from Senior High School 2 Purwokerto who enrolled in a school organization called PIK-R (Pusat Informasi Konseling Remaja).

KROMATIDS raises issues related to HIV & AIDS and other STIs Education, Prevention, Protection. Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights are also part of the material that will be delivered through KROMATIDS’s intervention. The first intervention was held online through Zoom Meetings last Saturday mainly discussing Comprehensive Sexuality Education as a basis that the community had to know before going to a deeper discussion about HIV/AIDS and Other STI’s.
The intervention started with filling in pre-test questions using Google Form as a media. Then, materials, from the anatomical structure and its function, STIs, until the tips on how to look after reproductive organs were delivered through a PowerPoint presentation from CIMSA Unsoed’s PETRA (Peer Educator Trainer). Post-tests were given after the presentation ended, followed by dividing the community into some smaller groups to enter breakout rooms and do the Focused Group Discussion in order to review the materials that had been delivered.
The first intervention of KROMATIDS was attended by 29 participants. The community, the 10th grader of the PIK-R organization, is very enthusiastic and full of curiosity throughout the intervention, it can be seen during the interaction and QnA session. Comprehensive Sexuality Education is pretty much new mastery for some members of the community since there is not so much information given to them about CSE from their formal education. Through this intervention, the participants got new insights and knowledge that was indicated by the increase of pretest and posttest and got an average score of 81,1 on the posttest. The counseling teacher, who is also the supervisor for PIK-R, is an enthusiast with KROMATIDS program as well. 

It is hoped that from this intervention, the community understands about Comprehensive Sexuality Education and be able to communicate what they had learned to their surroundings. It is also expected for the community to always anticipate and look forward to the upcoming KROMATIDS interventions.


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